Monday, 5 May 2014

How to buy from Taobao

...Finally its here!

So as many of you know I order from Taobao fairly regularly and many people have been asking just how I do it. After contemplating and promising to make this post for months I've finally gotten round to doing it.... lol soz.

To order from Taobao you'll need a shopping or forwarding service. I use so this tutorial is going to be based off using their service. I tend to order every few months and I always stick with Taobaospree because their service is excelent, they're always extremely helpful and quick to reply to any queries. (Fyi this isn't a sponsored post, all opinions stated are my own.)

Now lets go to Taobao~

This is their general homepage. We'll need to enter our search in the bar at the top.

Finding things.

Now of course, being a Chinese website you're going to have to search for things in Chinese. For gal brands this is fairly easy, say if you're looking for ma*rs or d.i.a then all you have to search is 'ma*rs' or 'd.i.a' and items will appear. 

Once you search, this will also appear at the top of your page, it's really useful for refining your search or finding similar searches. At this stage it's probably going to be handy to make use of your browsers translation service if they have one. I use Google Chrome and whenever I'm browsing a non English website Chrome will automatically ask me if I want to translate the page.

That covers how to search for brands, what about cosplay? For cosplay it's a little more difficult if you're after a specific character you'll need to find the kanji (Japanese characters) for that characters name and adding 'cos' at the end. You can usually find this by googling or going on the series wikia page. Alternatively you can also search for the series name (again in kanji) and add 'cos' at the end. 

Thirdly for items that are off brand or not cosplay you'll need to make use of Google translate. So say you're looking for an eyeball bag; translate eyeball from English to Chinese (simplified) then copy & paste that into the search bar. Then use the refine search bar to select 'bags'. Again you'll need to make use of a webpage translation service to do this effectively. 

Item view

Here's the general item view. If there's different options (colour, size, etc) these will appear just above the stock/add to cart option.

Scrolling down the page will also reveal the sellers item description and specs as well as the seller name. Clicking on the seller name will bring you to their store front.

Click 'display all goods' to see all the items the store is selling.

If you see items with extremely high prices (e.g. 999yuan) this usually means the item is currently out of stock.

So now you've chosen all your items? What now?

If ordering from Taobaospree you'll need to download and fill in their order form, you can find the order form and instructions here

However if you're having difficulties using their excel order form you can instead scroll down the page to find their manual order form, just copy and paste this into your email, fill it in with the items you want to order and email it off to them.

Just a quick guide to the various shipping options; EMS is the fastest and most reliable although a little pricey, DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex all couriers; again reliable but pricey, Airmail cheaper and takes a little longer and finally SAL is the slowest but cheapest method.

For payment I'd always recommend Paypal as it's the safest.

Once you've sent off your order you'll get an email that looks something like this, assigning you to one of their agents, calculating the cost for you and asking you to pay.

If you open the excel sheet it will detail all the costs for you.

NOTE: The price here DOES NOT include the shipping costs to you, this will be calculated after they have received the goods at their warehouse. Once arrived they will send another email asking you to pay for shipping, once paid then they will ship and email you the tracking number.

Then your goods arrive! Enjoy~

I think that pretty much covers it? If there's anything I've left out or you have a question feel free to leave a comment!
Thanks for reading~


  1. Thanks for the tutorial on how to order from them using taobao spree ^^

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