Sunday, 16 February 2014

GLAD NEWS 2014 Fukubukuro/Lucky pack

So uh... Happy new year I guess... even though its halfway through February already.
I know I'm really bad at blogging;;;;
Either way, last year was a terrible year for me and I hope this year is going to be 100x better.

But yes, back to the point of this post, I pretty much thought I'd missed out on this years lucky packs considering they tend to sell out fast and it can be pretty pricey to get your hands on them outside of Japan. However, the lovely Mitsu posted about Mobacolle [read the post here] and they just happened to have some pretty decent lucky packs still in stock, including brands such as GLAD NEWS, EMODA, GYDA etc [just go take a look for yourself, k?].

Now Mobacolle is a Japanese site, so I had to use a forwarding service (Tenso) to get my stuff, but lucky for ya'll Mitsu also has some very helpful posts on how to use such websites.

Now onto the actual contents~

It all came it this pretty useful bag, which I'll be sure to re-use.

Yup you read it right "Bondage Bear". This is legit my most fave thing ever.  

I was a bit iffy about this top when I first saw it, but the cut is really nice on, especially the neckline! (Plus who can resist a pumpkin saying "Fuck" lmao!)

 I honestly didn't think these jeans would fit my 37" hips but to my surprise they do! However the cut sucks (they're straight cut whilst I only wear skinny jeans) so I wont be wearing these. 

Wearing the Bondage Bear top haha! 

It's freezing in the UK right now so I'm really feeling big warm baggy clothes. 

Make up shot (sorry I'm not capable of pulling a face that doesn't make me look ridic). Also, as you can see I went blonde. I had to have my hair cut quite short too because it was so damaged. But yeah I'm really feeling this colour, I've only ever been brunette so its a welcome change. 

 In other news, I also got my first tattoo done last Monday,

It reads 永遠 "Eien" which means forever/eternity in Japanese. It's obviously not healed yet, so I'll take a photo in a couple weeks time when its all nice and healed (It's really scabby and gross rn lol).

This Friday (Feb 21st) is my 20th Birthday! So I'll be having a meet and party to commemorate no longer being a teenager I guess... I'll try to schedule a post for that after but uh, we'll see lol. 

Oh and one last thing, I'm not really feeling my blog url/theme anymore so this is just a heads up I'll probably change it soon. [EDIT: I actually changed it now! Goodbye pixel kitten, hello mirai devil]

Thanks for reading~


  1. So jelly of this bag, the coat is especially awesome!


  2. wow such great fashion!! And the tattoo so brave ^^

    恵美より ♥