Monday, 24 February 2014

20th Birthday Karaoke & Gyaru meet

Sup guys,

So this weekend was pretty damn amazing, it was my actual birthday on Friday but I didn't really do much apart from going for a Korean BBQ with the fam.

Birthday presents from my family~

GLAVIL Monster parka which I am IN LOVE WITH, boots with gold details, earrings and grumpy cat book haha!

I also bought some extensions especially to wear for my birthday although the colour wasn't a perfect match :C

They kinda blend well when you first put them in but as the day went on and my curls fell they became more and more obvious;;;;;

On Saturday we had a gal meet as well as my birthday karaoke later on. I was running an hour late so I forgot to take an outfit picture before I left, so heres a derpy one with bad lighting that Amelie took later on that day....

Lmao Chriss SHE WAS PROPER BULLYING ME THAT DAY!!!!1!! (Chriss isn't gal but she likes bullying us so she always comes to our meets....)
Outfit rundown; GLAVIL lace dress (although its more like a top on me LOL), GLAVIL handcuff choker, MA*RS lace with pink trim skirt and MA*RS stockings. 

One of my fave pics from the meet with my adorable Chewiee<3 

Some polaroids from the meet and karaoke~

Later on was my karaoke party, which was a mixture of gals & other friends. Sadly my phone had pretty much died at this point so I didn't get to take any photos or videos apart from polaroids, BUT it was amazing and I got to sing all my fave songs!!

But that's not the best part
Look at the amazing cake Emilie got me!!!

A cake with the god that is Jaejoong on! ;^; Anyone who follows me on anything will know just how much I love this man;;;;;;; It was chocolate inside with vanilla cream WHICH IS LIKE MY MOST FAVOURITE FLAVOURS EVER EMILIE HOW DID YOU?!?!?! (Plus red is my fave colour 8D) I feel so guilty for eating him though... On top of this she also got me the lightstick from JJ's WWW tour too! I am honestly so thankful and I know I've posted how thankful I am on like every social media platform already but ahhhhh, considering I haven't seen her since before she went to Japan it was really sweet of her.

After that Emmie and KK came to stay at mine and we made disgusting jokes and watched Saint Oniisan~

This whole entire weekend basically felt like one super long Birthday, it was really memorable and I'm really thankful to everyone who came and made it such an amazing weekend!

(P.S. I recently made another taobao order and I always get asked how I do it/use it so I'll be posting on how to use them etc. soon!)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nothing moves a conversation on like a hand to the face yea.

  2. The extensions are really cute, even if they're not an exact match. :D Totally an intentional ombré, right? :P

    Wish I could've been there. ;^; Still hate myself for being such a derp.

    Also lolol your bio is out of date now. :P

    1. Idek how you managed that, pretty special of you :P

      Ffff I just went and changed everything now... only to have to change it a year from now lmao