Thursday, 7 November 2013

MCM Oct Expo & Halloween!

So, the other weekend was Expo! I hadn't been for a few years and this was the first time I decided to go for the whole three days (Despite living in South London I think next time I'll book a hotel because it was such a trek going back and forth each day). It was good fun! I didn't go in a set group or anything so a lot of the time I ended up wandering round by myself trying to find my friends... (; ̄д ̄)

Friday I went as Eren Jaeger with my 3DMG!

The 3DMG was a nightmare wow. Excuse my pale sickly annoyed expression, but it was a result of the 3D gear! Essentially it was impossible to walk around in and it got smacked into constantly by rude ass people. I don't think I'll be wearing it to a con again haha. (Also thanks to whoever took the photo, sorry for being so damn miserable!!)

Saturday I overslept and didn't cosplay. I ended up spending most of my day with KK (her cosplay was amazing omg), and we went out for food after with her super lovely friends too! 

I also finally got to meet my senpais Emilia and Sarah, who I've been dying to meet for ages! ASshdsjfhsjghdf doesn't quite sum up my feels...

Then Sunday I was Eren again!

I actually managed to take some photos this time! Siqi was being all amazing as Levi, got to see Lizzie again too as well as seeing Jada again after such a long time! I also got to meet my amazing cosplay friend Emi for the first time, aaaahhh she was so cute as Armin and Annie on the Friday!

Saw Yamii too, and as always she was being a massive cutie patootie in her maid costume!

I didn't really get to look around the stalls that much, so I didn't really buy anything apart from a rilakkuma notebook for uni and this Ririchiyo figure.

But that's pretty much it for Expo. Thank you to everyone including those not mentioned above for making it such a great weekend! I met loads of lovely new people and I hope to see you all again soon~~
(I'll also be going to Kitacon next year and Expo so tell me if any of you are going too!)


On the 29th I went to the Halloween party held by the Japanese society at my uni. I went as a maid~

Can't say much, it wasn't a particularly eventful night. I was really happy with my costume/look for the night though. Best part was obviously getting McDonald's at 2am...

Then on the actual day of Halloween I intended to go to classes as Rilakkuma!

However one of my friends was really ill, so we had to look after her and get her sent off to the hospital instead. (゚´Д`゚)゚
Me and a few other friends/flatmates ended up getting pizza and watching Sinister and Ju On the rest of the night though, which was fun!

Anyways, that's it for now. Thanks for reading~