Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Uniqso; Kimchi Viva Grey Lens review

Hi guys~ So as you know from my previous post I was kindly sponsored a pair of Kimchi Viva Grey, and at the end of last week they arrived! They only took a week to arrive which is pretty damn fast!

Package they came in, all safe and wrapped in bubble wrap.

Inside the package; Cotton bud thing, lens case and a cute little thank you box.

And heres the lenses in the box, all wrapped up snug in more bubble wrap!

Obligatory crazy cat lady poses.

I actually only ever tend to wear brown lenses because I feel that they suit me better//I have a hard time finding other coloured lenses that blend with my bluey/grey eyes. But these lenses blend really well with my natural eye colour which is perfect! You can browse Uniqsos Grey Circle lens range here.

Enlargement 5/5 
The  enlarging effect is really big, but without making me look like an alien. Also despite their size I didn't have any issues putting them in or taking them out.

Colour/Design 5/5 
The design of the lenses mean they blend really well with my natural eye colour, the colour of the lenses blends perfectly too!

Comfort 4/5 
They aren't as comfortable as my Geo lenses, but I can wear them for hours without any discomfort which is a plus when I'm out and about and don't really want to be fiddling round with my lenses.

So yeah I'm really happy with these lenses and I'll definitely be wearing these out as much as I wear my brown lenses out. Uniqso were really friendly, kind and helpfull, so if you're thinking of purchasing a pair of lenses from them definitely do so!

Thanks for reading~

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  1. whoaa...these lens are so beautiful *^* u looks so pretty with them, but I think I don't fits me cos I have brown eyes ;w; lol

    Changing of theme...I'm waiting for u to open your etsy shop again! ehehe >w<

  2. You have such gorgeous eyes!! I'd love it if you dropped by to my blog and if you like it maybe we could follow each other??

  3. wow these lenses are gorgeous and you look so beautiful with them!! *_* It fits good with your natural eye colour. :>

    Much Love

  4. Normally I don't like black ring lenses on pale eyes, but these ones suit you AMAZINGLY~ <3 *_*

  5. AWESOME in your eyes <3 <3 <3